Eight Northern Indian Pueblos Council

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Eight Northern Indian Pueblos Council
ENIPC Logo.jpg
Contact Information
Address 327 Eagle Drive, PO Box 969, Ohkay Owingeh, NM, USA, 87566
Phone Number (505) 747-1593
Website http://www.enipc.org/index.html
Executive Director John Gonzales
Director Perry Martinez
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The Eight Northern Indian Pueblos Council (ENIPC) is a 501(c3) non-profit organization that provides services to the participating Eight Northern Pueblos. ENIPC also hosts one of the largest art and crafts shows in the United States, featuring work from the Eight Northern Pueblos, as well as the other 11 Pueblos, Navajo, Apache, Cherokee, Tlingit, Chippewa, and Lakota.



Founded in the 1960's, the Council was united in a effort to better position themselves in the competition for federal monies[1] distributed by the Office of Economic Oppertunity under Lyndon B. Johnson during the War on Poverty.[2] Since then, the Council developed to create federal and state programs benefitting the Eight Northern Pueblos and many of the surrounding tribes and communities.[1]

Tribal Officers

Each Pueblo has a represented Governor and Lieutenant Governor in the ENIPC.[1]

Pueblo Governor Lieutenant Governor
Nambe Ernest Mirabal Arnold Garcia
Ohkay Owingeh Ron Lovato Pat Aguino and John Cruz
Picuris Gerald Nailor Joe D. Martinez
Pojoaque George Rivera Joseph Talachy
San Ildefonso Perry Martinez Bryan P. Montoya and F. Dale Martinez
Santa Clara Walter Dasheno Bruce Tafoya
Taos Nelson J. Cordova Luis Romero
Tesuque Mark Mitchell Patrick Frenier

Programs Offered

The ENIPC developed into a service buisness that provides health, education, and economic programs to the original eight Pueblos. Some of the programs include:[1]

  • Child Care and Development
  • Circle of Life Behavioral Health Network
  • Employment and Training Program, Environment Department
  • Food Distribution on Indian Reservations (FDPIR)
  • Higher Education Scholarship Program
  • Peacekeepers Domestic Violence Programs
  • Senior Program
  • Women, Infants & Children (WIC) Program

Environmental Department

Logo for the OETA[3]

The Environmental Department of ENIPC is the Office of Environmental Technical Assistance (OETA). It has programs such as General Assistance Program (GAP) and Tribal Youth Environmental Summer Camp, which helps to spread environmental awareness to the public. OETA also works to improve solid or hazardous wastes, underground storage tanks (UST), pesticides, brownfields, and air quality.[3]


"The mission of the Office of Environmental Technical Assistance (OETA) Is to promote, protect and preserve tribal environments by assisting Pueblos and Tribes in building capacity to enhance tribal values, cultures, lands and health."[3]


The OETA was founded in 2005 to improve environmental program capacity and provide a regional resource for technical assistance. It assists 22 Pueblos and Tribes in NM and TX, and it has expanded the outreach and development of technical support services based on the Pueblos and Tribes. The ENIPC was selected by Pueblo and Tribal leadership as the sponsoring organization for the OETA office.[3]

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